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Hoof is the name given to the toenail of any ungulate mammal (meaning of "having hooves"), with the possible exception of the hippopotamus. In perissodactyls animals' hooves, including horses and tapirs, there is an odd number of hooves per foot, and in artiodactyls, including domestic cattle of various kinds as well as giraffes and camels, there is an even number.

Hooves and furry[edit]

In furry and funny animal art, there are two basic schools of thought for adapting the front feet of a character that naturally has hooves:

  • In one, the hoof is left as-is, and the character manipulates/grasps objects by natural or unnatural means.[clarify]
  • In the other, the hoof is replaced by a hand, or a hand with hoof-like fingers (artist SueDeer's personal character is an example of this approach). In the case of artist Dan Canaan's character, Flinthoof Ponypal, there is something of a compromise with three fingers instead of five.
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