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Pentaped is the term used to describe the type locomotion akin to animals of the Macropodidae family, specifically, the Kangaroo (Red Kangaroo, Eastern Grey Kangaroo, and the Western Grey Kangaroo.)

Also known as Hopping, this is the only known species of this size with this unique self-powered, patterned motion of limbs and/or other anatomical parts, and according to fossil records, this type of motion has never been replicated by any other animal at any other time in the history of life on Earth.

In layman's terms, Kangaroos use five body parts during its walking motion (penta=five;) Arms (X2,) legs (X2,) plus a large, thick tail (X1.)

Limb styles
Biped - Hexaped - Octoped - Pede - Pentaped - Quadruped
Body parts