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P'Tar the Catarian, a fictional type of taur character in Extinctioners
A mousetaur. Art by Dustmeat.

A taur, also known as a quad, is a furspeech word for the mainstream term centaur (Ancient Greek Κένταυροι – "Kéntauroi"), which refers to any creature with an anthro/furry humanoid upper body with a non-anthropomorphic animal body, in the same style as the centaur's human and horse body structure.

Taurs in mainstream[edit]

In addition to the classical centaurs found in Greek and Roman mythology, one finds many instances of taurs in fantasy and science fiction literature such as:

Taurs in furry[edit]

There are many taur species in the furry fandom, many of which are single instances such as a cervitaur (a cervine or deer-like taur). Other variants comprise well-known species group such as:

Most taur forms walk on four legs (quadrupeds), but some have more, such as hextaurs, a taur with six legs. They may have three pairs of legs on one lower feral torso, or across it and the humanoid one (they may be also considered multifurry).

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