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Fursuiter.org was a fursuit database with an objective "To catalog the fursuiting community's works into an easy to use and searchable website."

The domain name creation date was August 2, 2002.[1] The site featured a fursuiter map, powered by the Google Maps API, and a site-wide fursuit image collage. During its 11 month run, the site included over 400 users and nearly 500 fursuits, making it twice as large as its nearest rival.

In January 2007 Kaffa Wolf shut down the site after a brief search for a new administrator. The official reason for the site's closure was Kaffa Wolf's dissatisfaction with the state of the furry fandom [2], although Radjin commented that instead "it was about making enough to pay for the site, and about keeping the code to yourself."[3]. However, the site never accepted any money, including donations, and gave away a large number of free fursuiter ID badges at great expense. During the first negotiation toward combining the sites, Radjin requested Kaffa Wolf release this source code for fursuiter.org to him so he could run the site off a server located at his home. Kaffa Wolf thought this foolish as he did not know Radjin at all, and knew only that he ran a rival site. Kaffa Wolf also did not agree that he would become Radjin's subordinate, with clauses established to give him no choice but to leave their joint venture in case they disagreed, because the source code would no longer belong to him.


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