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Thurston Howl Publications is a furry-inclusive publishing house that was founded by young furry editor, Thurston Howl in 2014. The house is located currently in Knoxville, TN.


Howl started the house in Nashville in 2014 as the publishing unit for an annual charity anthology called Wolf Warriors that supported the National Wolfwatcher Coalition. In response to many authors' requests for publication of their own novels, Howl expanded the house with a complete staff of editors, proofreaders, copyeditors, design and marketing teams, and beta readers.

Ursa Major Award[edit]

In 2015, Howl edited one of the first nonfiction works in the furry fandom, Furries Among Us. The anthology featured essays from well-known furries, such as Kyell Gold, Fred Patten, Potoroo, and the International Anthropomorphic Research Project. As a result of its widely positive acclaim, the anthology won an Ursa Major Award for Best Other Literary Work of 2015. This anthology also prompted the UMAs to start a Nonfiction category.


  • Wolf Warriors 1-3
  • Where Carnivores Meet by Thurston Howl
  • We Live for Half-Moons by Weasel
  • Closer than Brothers by Takaa Silvermane
  • Furries Among Us, edited by Thurston Howl (now a 2nd and 3rd volume of Furries Among Us)
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Furry Confessions, edited by Thurston Howl
  • Pride of Parahumans by Joel Kreissman
  • GENMOS: Gathering Storms by Stephen Coghlan

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