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Bad Dog Books logo, designed by Kamui

Bad Dog Books is an anthropomorphic fiction e-book imprint of FurPlanet, which purchased the formerly independent publishing house from founder Alex Vance on December 14, 2011.[1] It was relaunched as a digital downloads store in June 2013.[2]

Originally named Osfer's Joint Publications, BDB's flagship product was FANG, a serial anthology of erotic furry fiction. It was accompanied by ROAR, an anthology of non-adult furry fiction. BDB also produced a line of novels under the title FANG Presents. As of January 2010, five novels were available, including Ben Goodridge's White Crusade and André Blaireau's Everybody Loves Luther and El Burrito de los Muertos.

Ben Goodridge joined in spring of 2006, as Alex's health did not allow him to continue serving as FANG's editor and when the anthology was restarted in July 2006, Bad Dog Books was created to continue and expand OJP's original vision. As of 2007, BDB's books were available through both the Bad Dog Bookstore as well as through FurPlanet., November 2006

Historical publication methods[edit]

Bad Dog Books used to produce its books in trade paperback, black and white with a full-color cover, typically for a list price of $19.99. They were more expensive than most paperbacks due to the use of print-on-demand, which has a high unit price, but does not require the significant investment of traditional bulk offset printing. The lower average cost for small print runs permitted the publication of financially more risky works. It also allowed for a fast turnaround; FANG was conceived in June 2005 and released three months later, during which time a website was created, authors were attracted, submissions were reviewed and edited, and the book was proofed., February 2007


Preliminary Logo 1
In early 2006, Kamui was contracted to design a logo for Bad Dog Books. The logo was to bring to mind the sleek black premium style of the FANG books that were BDB's flagship product, as well as the gritty, mature energy which BDB sought to for its other books. Working from keywords such as 'dog', 'smoke', 'cool' and 'danger', Kamui came up with several design concepts, finally pitching the two preliminary logos shown here.
Preliminary Logo 2

The first design was deemed too geometric and static; the second too heavily stylized - resembling the visual style of White Wolf, publishers of the Werewolf line of RPG books. By fusing the stark geometry of the first with the rough-edged energy of the second, the final design was achieved. The canine character depicted (informally known as the Bad Dog or Jules Reve) does not represent an existing character.

Graywolf's 2007 variation on the BDB logo for the "Year of the Bad Dog" promotional campaign


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