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Kyell Gold
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Profession or hobby Author
Character species Red Fox
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Kyell Gold is a furry author whose writing typically focuses on male/male erotica. His fursona is a red fox.

A member of the Furry Writers' Guild, Kyell has written several novels, all published by Sofawolf Press. Several of his shorter works have also appeared in Sofawolf Press's Heat, as well as Bad Dog Books' FANG. He and K.M. Hirosaki are co-hosts of the podcast Unsheathed.

Gold's most well-known works include his Argaea and Forester Universe series of novels and short stories. Along with foozzzball and Rikoshi, he is one of three authors behind the Cupcakes brand of novellas published by FurPlanet. Three of his novellas (Bridges, Science Friction and Winter Games) have been published in the Cupcakes line. His other published works include the coming of age novel Waterways and numerous short stories. He also posts his writing on Fur Affinity, Yiffstar and FurRag.

Kyell has had stories published in Yarf!, Mythagoras, Anthrolations, and Best In Show under the name Tim Susman (Malin). He is also the creator of the New Tibet shared world and has edited both published anthologies in that world: Breaking The Ice and Shadows In Snow. He wrote Common and Precious, the first full-length novel set in New Tibet. He is also co-founder and a continuing editor and officer at Sofawolf Press.

Gold was a Guest of Honor at Feral! 2009, Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2012,[1] Oklacon 2012, Gaylaxicon 2012, ConFuzzled 2013,[2] Eurofurence 20 (2014),[3] Furry Migration (2014),[4], RainFurrest 2014[5] and Furrydelphia 2019.[6]

Kyell is married to Kit Silver and lives in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Gold's Writing[edit]


Gold is the author of a fantasy series, set in the fictional world of Argaea, which includes the novels Volle and Pendant of Fortune, as well as The Prisoner's Release and Other Stories, an anthology of short stories that take place between the two novels.

In summer and fall of 2007, Kyell wrote "Helfer's Busy Day", a serialized work of short fiction where readers could vote for what would happen in the next installment (in a manner similar to Dog's Days of Summer).

A third novel set in Argaea, Shadow of the Father, was released in January 2010.

Argaea chronology[edit]

Although The Prisoner's Release and Other Stories was released after Pendant of Fortune, the stories in it are placed chronologically between the two novels.

Here is a tentative chronology of the stories in the Argaea universe:

Story Published in Date
Volle Volle January 2005
Jherik's Tale Online
Weasel Presents
July 2005
Inside the Cage The Prisoner's Release and Other Stories January 2007
Helfer's Busy Day Online
Weasel Presents
July–October 2007 
The Prisoner's Release   Heat #1 (part 1)
Heat #2 (part 2)
The Prisoner's Release and Other Stories
January 2007
Home Again The Prisoner's Release and Other Stories January 2007
For Love or Family The Prisoner's Release and Other Stories    January 2007
Pendant of Fortune Pendant of Fortune January 2006
Birthday Wishes Online
Weasel Presents
May 2006
Yilon's Journal Online
Weasel Presents
June 2009 - January 2010
Shadow of the Father Shadow of the Father January 2010
Sibling Rivalry What Happens Next: An Anthology of Sequels January 2015
Stolen Away Weasel Presents March 2011

Published online 11 November 2008, the story "The Real World" contains few clues as to where in the chronology it goes.

Forester Universe[edit]

In addition to fantasy works, Gold also writes stories set in a world roughly analogous to modern-day North America, peopled by anthropomorphic animals. The unofficial name for the setting comes from Forester University, a college that features in many of the stories.

Among the stories set in this world is Gold's novel Waterways. The book is structured as a triptych, comprising the stories "Aquifers," "Streams," and "Oceans" (the first two of which were originally posted on Yiffstar).

Kyell is writing a series of novels, set in the the Forester universe, the series name is "Out of Position". The first novel, titled Out of Position, was released in January 2009.[7] A sequel, titled Isolation Play, was released in January 2011. The third novel Divisions was released in January 2013. The fourth novel Uncovered was released in July 2014. The fifth novel Over Time was released in January 2016. The sixth and final book in the series Titles was released in December 2019.

Two spinoff series have also been created following the characters in the Out of Position series. Tales of the Firebirds is a collection of stories following several of the characters from the Out of Position series. Some of the stories are taken from previously publish works, and some are new and exclusive. Ty Game follows the story of Ty Nakamura after the events of Over Time but before the events of Titles.

Dangerous Spirits universe[edit]

In 2012, Gold published Green Fairy, his first work of fantasy fiction which was not explicitly sexual in content. Like the Forester universe, Green Fairy is set in a region roughly analogous to modern-day North America, as well as the region of "Gallia" (analogous to France) and Siberia (analogous to Russia). The book was followed by Red Devil in 2014. The third book in trilogy Black Angel was also planned with release date to be announced.


The theme Gold most often returns to is "young gay furs looking for love." Typically, the fact that the characters are gay is not a problem for them. But with the novels Waterways and Out of Position, the theme is instead young furs struggling to accept their gay side.

Other common themes are the church (portrayed as a positive influence).


Kyell has won several awards for his written works, primarily as part of the Ursa Major Awards for anthropomorphic fiction. With twelve awards, Gold has won more Ursa Major Awards than anyone else, eclipsing the record of six once held by Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai.[8][9]

Year Award Work
2005 Best Anthropomorphic Novel Volle
2006 Best Anthropomorphic Novel Pendant of Fortune
Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction Jacks to Open
2007 Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction Don't Blink
2008 Best Anthropomorphic Novel Waterways
Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction In Between
2009 Best Anthropomorphic Novel Out of Position
Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction Drifting
2010 Best Anthropomorphic Novel Shadow of the Father
Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction Bridges
2011 Best Anthropomorphic Novel Isolation Play
Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction How to Get Through the Day


Kyell has several published audiobooks which are available on Audible.


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