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Purrsia, the genie catgirl. Art by Jon Barrett.

Purrsia Press is an American independent publisher, specializing in mini-comics and graphic novels. Their titles are primarly ones with an anime/manga theme. However, they also have several anthropomorphic comics.

In it, the cat goddess Purrsia was transformed into a genie thousands of years ago, and released in modern day by an anime fan named Dean. She now has to serve him as his genie, although her powers have slightly diminished over the centuries. Purrsia also periodically turns into a small cat whenever anyone accept her master sees her. She has fallen for Dean in a big way, and is trying to win his affections away from another girl. Purrsia is also featured in another comic titled Gaijin Hi where she is remade as a Martian princess named Pura Pura who is attending school on Earth.

Purrsia Press is looking for more artists in the field of anthro comics and art. They are planning Free Furry Comic Day which is open to all furry artists, for January 2007.

Purrsia Press also distributes through Kitsune Comics, an online comics dealer.

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