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ConFuzzled 2020 "A World Reborn" was scheduled to be the thirteenth iteration of the convention ConFuzzled, to be held 22-26 May 2020 at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham, England.[1]

The guests of honour were due to be animators Adler the Eagle and Tad Stones,[2] and the charity was to be Secret World Wildlife Rescue.[3]

Convention registration was due to open 11 October 2019, but was postponed the day before until 1 November due to payment processor issues brought about Brexit uncertainty.[4] Within the first 25 minutes of registration opening, the team confirmed that they had already surpassed 1,700 registrations.[5] The unprecedented amount of registrations needing to be processed caused delays and frustrations, particularly from attendees who booked room shares. ConFuzzled acknowledged that they already had plans to improve their registration system for the following year.[6] After their new payment processor imposed new conditions that were incompatible with how the way they work, ConFuzzled decided to remove card payments entirely.[7]

On 24 March 2020, it was announced that ConFuzzled 2020 was cancelled in response to the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus pandemic.[8]

On 3 April 2020, details of the refund process and options were announced.[9] Due to expenses incurred organising the convention up to the point of cancellation, a refund of 70% of the attendance portion of the con fee was offered, with full refunds of Dealers' Den and accommodation (where booked through the convention) fees offered. Attendees had the option of requesting a refund of these amounts, donating them to the convention charity or to the convention itself, or a 50/50 split between the charity and the convention. As a result of the issues with their card payment processor, the convention was only able to offer refunds by bank transfer, absorbing the transaction fees for international transfers.

On 9 May 2020, it was announced that a virtual convention would be taking place over the weekend of 22-24 May 2020, with a variety of live events from Foxes & Peppers, Adler the Eagle, Gem Squirrel and BBF, amongst others.[10] The schedule for the virtual convention was announced on 17 May 2020[11] with events starting at 1400 BST on 22 May with the Opening Ceremony and concluding at 2000 BST on 24 May with the Closing Ceremony. Events were streamed via Twitch, with text and voice chat rooms available through Discord. A Virtual Dealers' Den was also available during the convention.

At the Closing Ceremony, it was announced that 29 hours of content would be uploaded to the CFz TV archive and that there were 6,500 unique viewers over the course of the weekend, with 20,000 views of the virtual Dealers' Den.[1] It was also announced that over £16,000 had been raised for Secret World Wildlife Rescue through attendees donating all or part of their 2020 registration fees to the charity.


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