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ConFuzzled 2023 "Brok in the Multiverse" was the fourteenth iteration of the convention ConFuzzled, held from 26th to 30th May 2023 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole in Solihull, England.[1]

At the ConFuzzled 2022 closing ceremony the theme - a celebration of all things comic book related - and dates for 2023 were announced, alongside guests of honour illustrator Kathryn Inkson (aka Fawnspots) and musician Tonya Song.[2]

It was also announced that two new mascots would be joining Brok the Badger (he/him) from 2023: Mel (she/her), a boisterous honey badger, and Dylan (they/them), a more reserved crocodile. It was revealed during the opening ceremony that they are alternate universe versions of Brok that were transported into our universe, in line with the convention's theme.

For the first time in the conventions history, on March 24th, it reached capacity for all registration types and had to close new registrations and upgrades.[3] 2,661 people attended the convention, the maximum allowed for the hotel's convention spaces. A further 1,300 visited the virtual ConFuzzled space set up in VRChat.

As of the closing ceremony, £40,133.39 had been raised for the charity Wolf Watch UK, £4,100 of which was raised in an impromptu auction during the ceremony itself.

Security incident[edit]

On Sunday, there were reports of convention attendees being harassed in public areas near to the venue. This escalated the next day, with at least one attendee reporting that they had had rocks thrown at them.[4] Police presence in the area was increased in response, and the convention advised attendees to avoid wearing furry paraphernalia in public and to travel in groups until the situation was resolved.[5]


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