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ConFuzzled 2018 was the eleventh iteration of the ConFuzzled convention. It was held over May 25-29, 2018,[1] at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham, England.[1]

The theme of the convention was "Let's Play!"[1][2] and the guests of honours were Dark Natasha and Ryan Campbell[3].

The charity was the Vale Wildlife Hospital[3], which the convention raised £26,037.40 in total, beating last year's record.[4]


Full pricing details and the opening date of registration was confirmed with a blog post on September 21, 2017.[5] Registration options for 2018 were the same as in previous years, with attending-only and residential tickets, both of which could be upgraded with "Plus" and "Sponsor" options for an extra £15 or £50 respectively.

The basic "attending only" ticket increased slightly to £85. The basic residential ticket cost varied between £285 and £395 per person depending on the room type, and it included breakfast and access to the hotel gym and pool. All of the rates were offered with a £10 early-bird discount until January 6, 2018.[6]

Registration officially opened at 1900BST on October 1, 2017.[7]

On the 21st November 2017, it was announced that Confuzzled was virtually sold out at the main hotel[8]. On the 11th December 2017, it was confirmed that the main hotel was fully sold out and the nearby Crowne Plaza hotel was announced as the official overflow hotel.[9]

Registration fully closed on 1900BST on May 4, 2018. [10] At the opening ceremony it was revealed that there were a total of 1908 attendees (of which 623 were Sponsors) coming from 36 different countries.[11]


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