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Blaster Hedgie (born February 1st, 1978) is a furry living in the United Kingdom. His fursona is a hedgehog.


Originally created in 1999, Blaster Hedgie was originally designed as a grey Sonic 'fan character', the first design sharing the head, body and leg shape of Sonic, but with grey fur, grey shoes and a bionic arm. This was to attempt to discourage others from making the connection to Sonic, even though it did very little to actually do so. In the summer of 1999, a fursuit was built around this version of the character by the creator himself. Originally designed by adapting a typical Simplicity mascot pattern, and altering the head to look more like a typical Sonic OC, it cost approximately £100 ($130) and about three months to build.

Hedge took it upon himself to redesign the character in order to stop the comparisons with Sonic, and to give him his own identity. In 2012, the second suit, named Blaster 2, debuted at ConFuzzled 2012. This retconned the first suit to being referred to as Blaster 1, which had been retired in 2005 due to it becoming so old it was falling to pieces. Blaster 2 was more professionally designed, using a custom cotton pattern created with multiple measurements of Hedge's body. The head was created by RubberTex Racoon in the USA, and had Electroluminescent eyes for use in dances and photo shoots for extra intensity.


Blaster 1 first appeared at Duckon '99, in the Furry Variety Show in a number of sketches including SPAM, Mutual Of Omaha, and Plankety Plank: Don't Hit Back. His second appearance was Further Confusion Y2K (2000), followed by 2001, 2002, and 2003. Each time, he appeared in the Furry Variety Show performing a song. FC Y2K and 2001 was 'Baby, When You're Fur', FC 2002 was 'It's Raining Plush' and FC 2003 was 'Quills'. The songs were filks of original works, 'Baby, When You're Gone', by Bryan Adams and Mel C, 'It's Raining Men', by Geri Halliwell, and 'Bad' by Michael Jackson, respectively.

Blaster 1 also appeared on the 'Rapid T Rabbit and Friends' TV show on New York PBS. He featured in two episodes, one broadcast on October 29th 2001 (466), where he was interviewed by the host Rapid T Rabbit himself, and a second episode broadcast on November 26th 2001 (467), that showed the behind the scenes travel to the Time Square Halloween Parade, and some footage of the parade itself.

Blaster 2 appeared at Confuzzled 2012, Eurofurence 2012 (18), Confuzzled 2014, and Eurofurence 2014 (20), performing in the Dance competitions at each event. However, he did not place in the top 3 in any event.

Outside Of Fursuiting[edit]

Blaster Hedgie is one of the co-creators of TigerTails Radio, the other being TK Tiger, who Blaster Hedgie has lived with since 2005. He was one of the main hosts of Season 1 and Season 2, but left mid-way during Season 3 due to time schedule conflicts with his full time job. A few years later, he decided that he liked being part of the crew, and so rejoined the show's cast as a guest host, until becoming full time co-host once again in 2016. Blaster Hedgie is currently at University, studying for a degree in Music, and is looking to get back into Stand-Up comedy with small open mic sessions in the city of Southampton, where he lives.

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