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Huskyteer by Tiff Bartel

Huskyteer (real name Alice Dryden; born September 16, 1977) is a furry writer and husky fur living in south-east England. Her earliest furry love was Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds. This, combined with the influence of Jack London's The Call of the Wild and White Fang, inspired the name Huskyteer.


Huskyteer's fursona is youthful in appearance, and odd-eyed - not uncommon in huskies - with a blue right and brown left eye. She wears small, square-framed glasses. A white stripe runs from her short, scruffy headfur to her muzzle.

There are in, fact, three generations of Huskyteers, all women, with a shared nickname: the First World War flying ace, the 1960s secret agent, and the contemporary character who is essentially a more hirsute version of her player.

Fandom activity[edit]

Introduced to the fandom through the Lion King mailing List in 2002, Huskyteer is the author of some well-respected Lion King fanfic which can be found on Her website was the first Dogtanian fan site on the web, and her character profiles appear on the DVD release.

In 2010, she began posting original furry fiction to SoFurry. 2011 and 2012 saw stories accepted for publication in Heat, ROAR and Allasso.

Huskyteer is a long-time participant in Thunderbolt Black, a play-by-email RPG featuring furs in fighter planes. Her character, Lars Flink, is a Swedish samoyed dog who flies a Saab AJ-37 Viggen.

Other interests[edit]

Outside the fandom, Huskyteer's main interests are aviation, particularly the aircraft and aces of the First World War; touring the UK and Europe on her scooter; and Kenshukai karate.

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