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Kyyanno (Kyyanno T Cheetah/Kyy) is a fursuiter who lives in the United Kingdom.


Kyyanno's fursona is a cheetah with both summer and winter coats (SnowCheetah). His fursuit, Blizzard, is based on his winter appearance.


Kyyanno's fursuits are:

Inside the Fandom[edit]

Kyyanno has appeared at various conventions, including assisting with the Confuzzled 2009 PawPet show, and then returning as a staff member for the convention every year since. He has also appeared as an occasional guest host on the Furry Internet Radio Show, TigerTails Radio.

Outside the Fandom[edit]

During his working hours, Kyyanno works for a British division of a rather large German company, making electricity for the masses. In his spare time he can usually be found socialising with other friends/furs in the south of the UK, or tinkering around with/driving one of his cars, a hobby he is passionate about.


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