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Felis is a UKFur who lives in the south of England. An active fur since around 2002 he has been a vocal member of many of the forums.


Prior to discovering the furry fandom, Felis frequented MSN chats, hanging around the anime rooms. There, he was introduced to the fandom by a fellow roleplayer. Already roleplaying an anthropomorphic feline, he has used that as his fursona ever since.


Felis started making himself known in the furry community via the the on-again, off-again podcast WTF!? Show, during which he interviewed well known Furry personalities Spazfox and 2, The Ranting Gryphon. The show was put on hiatus on Halloween, 2009.

He also appeared once or twice as a guest host on the Internet radio show TigerTails Radio, and submits a weekly games review for the Done and Dusted segment of the show. On the final show of Season 5, Felis attended the TigerTails Radio Comic Relief Gunge-a-thon 3 event where he was gunged in various substances, from porridge to recycled slops of BBC gunge and shaving foam. He also "won" four foam pies in the face as part of the Deal Or No Deal segment of the show, specially added to fill time between gungings.


Felis has written many short stories and poems under various feline-related pseudonyms on the Elfwood website, and took part in the NaNoWriMo contest - winning and promising to continue work on the story until it was publishable.

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