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British Furry Fandom Radio Station
Update schedule Active
Launch date Early 2008
End Date January 2011
Genre Various
Rating(s) Censor 14 button.png

BritFur.FM was a furry internet radio station which started broadcasting in early 2008, administered by Axle. The station is a collective umbrella for a number of shows produced by UK furries, providing a common server stream for their shows to be broadcast on. The BritFur.FM logo was the winning design of PoorPolarBear after Axle posted a competition on the UKFur Forum. In January 2011, the BritFur FM shoutcast server went offline. The website carried on for a while longer, but by November 2011 it has also gone offline.

Show timetable[edit]

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8pm Virus Core Radio
9pm TigerTails Radio It Came From Japan

Show descriptions[edit]

TigerTails Radio (website) Mon 9pm till 11pm
Presenters TK Tiger, Eeve3, Xavier
Genres Gaming Music and Talk
:Main article: TigerTails Radio
Slaughter House Radio (website) Tue 6pm till 9pm
Presenters Stuart Otterson
Genres British Invasion, Mod, Glam Rock, Classic Rock, Punk, New Wave, BritPop, Indie
Slaughter House Radio aims to be part UK furry community radio and part celebration of popular guitar music, playing songs from the last 6 decades from British Invasion to punk to modern indie and everything else in-between. Includes various segments concerning the UK fur scene such as upcoming furmeets and the going ons in the UKFur Forum. However their shows have a habit of going off topic and Stuart regularly messes up some aspect each week, much to his exasperation and the audience's amusement.
Tryst's RockBox Tue 9pm till 11pm
Presenters Tryst, Tiger Tom
Genres Classic Rock, Alternative Metal, Modern Rock, Rap-Rock
Tryst's RockBox serves a generous helping of classic rock, heavy metal and modern rock every Tuesday night from Guildford University's student radio studio facilities. Tryst has previous experience in broadcasting for the University's GU2 student radio station and likes to discuss various topics on air with his co-presenter Tiger Tom, a photography enthusiast.

Because the RockBox is broadcast across Guildford as well as streamed over the internet, Tryst is restricted to playing songs that are either censored or radio friendly and also prohibits some topics of discussion. However the occasional show takes place at home where he has free reign over the playlist.

Virus Core Radio (website) Wed 9pm till 11pm
Presenters White Virus
Genres Dance Anthems, Hardcore, Techno, Trance
White Virus lives in the same area as TK Tiger, where upon chance meeting at the arcade lead to a conversation about his desires to resume doing a radio show. TK pointed him to BritFur.FM and he now subsequently does a two hour show consisting of classic dance anthems with technology talk segments covering retro gaming, computers and gadgetry.
It Came From Japan Sat 9pm till 11pm
Presenters Dante the Jedi
Genres J-Pop, J-Rock, Animé
Noticing a lack of Japanese music in the BritFur.FM schedule, Dante the Jedi decided he'd fill the gap with his own show. This was partly spurred by a recruitment drive by Stuart Otterson. Since starting in 2009, It Came From Japan has reviewed many different animé shows, playing the music from their associated soundtracks.

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