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Lumin City
Lumin ANE2024 Fursuit Games.jpg
Lumin City's Fursuit, Lumin at Anthro New England 2024.
Personal information
Other namesLumin, Illumination City
HobbiesFursuiter, Programmer
SpeciesSiberian Husky
YouTube information
ChannelLumin City
Years active2021-present
GenresNews, commentary
Subscribers1.47 thousand[1]
Total views218 thousand[1]
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Welcome to my user page! I'm an Asian-American neurodivergent non-binary fursuiter, Youtuber, and online personality from the New York metro area. I'm best known for my informative and highly edited videos discussing the Fandom through a progressive lens. Don't be afraid to contact me!

Fandom Involvement[edit]

I joined the Fandom in early 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, having previously watched Furry videos on the internet. I attended my first furmeet in May 2021, and my first furry convention Furrydelphia in August. I've attended numerous furmeets and furry conventions since.

YouTube Career[edit]

My YouTube channel is dedicated to improving the fandom by documenting and archiving Furry history through engaging videos. It has a progressive lean, discussing including but not limited to economic equality, education, and social justice. I make videos on Furries, Furry conventions, and the Fandom's interactions with others on the internet, both good and bad. I also discuss those trying to take advantage of the Fandom, including but not limited to non-Furry content creators disrespecting the Fandom, including harassing attendees at fur cons to get views and news platforms using the Fandom to push bigoted anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric.

Joining WikiFur[edit]

While I had edited for WikiFur since December 17th, 2022, it was infrequent. Following Mark Merlino's passing from stage IV liver cancer[2] on February 20th,[3] watching the fandom collectively mourn his loss, including me, I started reading his Wikifur article to look back at his history. I had mentioned ConFurence, the first furry convention co-founded by Merlino and his partner, Rod O'Riley in a YouTube video on November 9th, 2021. discussing the "real" problem with furry conventions.[4] However, the more I looked at his life I realized his influence went beyond ConFurence, helping found not only the Furry Fandom but also popularizing the Anime fandom.

His dedication to archiving and teaching Furry history later in life particularly struck a chord with me, as it helped in producing numerous YouTube videos, including using ConFurence to discuss how furry conventions always had issues. As a result, I've decided to volunteer my time in editing Wikifur articles to serve the next generation of Furries to be able to learn about the Fandom, but also fight back against far-right anti-LGBTQ+ stereotypes and conspiracies against the Fandom. While my main focus will be on YouTube due to having a wider reach, I'll volunteer any spare time to Wikifur whenever articles need to be improved.


My fursona is a lime Siberian Husky named Lumin. My reference sheet was drawn by Pulex and shared on, a Mastodon instance on January 5th, 2023.[5] My profile picture featuring my fursona was drawn by the Furry artist feve on FurAffinity on January 30th.[6]


My Fursuit, Lumin was made by Shellsews. A video unboxing and discussing my journey to having it made was uploaded to my YouTube channel on January 6th, 2024.[7] Lumin was first revealed at Anthro New England 2024.

Convention Attendance[edit]

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Honoring Mark Merlino[edit]

How Joe Strike Was My Mark Merlino[edit]

Despite having never personally met Merlino, I had met Joe Strike, another early Furry who wrote two books on the fandom,[8] and was born two years earlier than Merlino. I first met him in June 2021 at an NYC movie theater furmeet watching Peter Rabbit 2. We then numerous times at various meetups and furry conventions. He started a monthly Furry and Brony meetup after being inspired by London Furs' monthly meetups that saw over a hundred Furries,[9] which I attended several times. Our most recent encounter was at Anthro New England 2024 when I showed him my Fursuit. Merlino's passing was a reminder to appreciate the time I left with him, as it'll likely only be a few years longer.

The Importance of Legacy[edit]

Trigger Warning: This section contains detailed discussions about child abuse, mental illness, and suicide that may be distressing for some readers. I understand these topics can be difficult. If you need support, please reach out to the 988 hotline (The United States National Suicide Prevention Lifeline), your local suicide hotline, or someone you trust. Additional resources, including mental health organizations, are also available for support.

I was reminded of Dogbomb's passing from ALS back in 2019,[10] two years before I joined the fandom, and MatPat's YouTube video on July 25th, 2018 honoring Ronnie, who sadly ended his life through suicide.[11] I empathized with Dogbomb's struggle with ALS, and MatPat's grieving of Ronnie, as I had struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts for years before and while in the Fandom.

User:Lumin City
Ronnie, in all the years that I knew him, dealt with demons that only he could understand. Scars left by a childhood that he kept under a lock and key. ... What I can say is that he did his best to move on; to strike out on his own, to move beyond the trauma of his past. To take his mental health into his own hands, and take his recovery seriously, one step at a time, every single day.
User:Lumin City

I also related to MatPat's description of Ronnie's personality, resulting in his actions being perceived as malicious despite his good intentions.

User:Lumin City
That past also gave him a personality that was probably best described as... an acquired taste. He was incredibly sharp and incredibly witty, but he also had this ability to cut through a person's facade in a way that was sometimes hilarious and sometimes a bit off-putting. ... it was that same personality that, understandably, sometimes got him into trouble with people who weren't familiar with that part of him, who didn't understand that's the way he processed the world, that- that was the way he dealt with social situations, that he was a person with dark periods who had a tendency to sometimes lash out with anger. ... It wasn't an easy side to deal with, but that wasn't Ronnie. Ronnie wasn't an arrogant person, he was just socially unsure. He was unaware of how his behaviors would be perceived by others.
User:Lumin City

MatPat apologized for those Ronnie had hurt and didn't see "Ronnie as he really was", who hugged MatPat after their last Gamelab episode together and took pride in obscure internet trivia. I similarly had experiences in private chats, at furmeets and Furry conventions where I assisted other Furries, lent an ear to those who needed help, and gave hugs in Fursuit.

User:Lumin City
Those moments were the true Ronnie. When he was unburdened by his past. When sunlight would peek through all of the clouds. It was take a lot of patience to get there, and a lot of long conversations and phone calls. But when he got there, it was great because you knew that it was honest. And it was genuine. It was a person who was free.
User:Lumin City
User:Lumin City
Ronnie told me once in the early days of the channel's history that it was his goal for his animations to be recognized and for him to be influential as an artist...
User:Lumin City

MatPat wanted to tell Ronnie that he achieved his goal of becoming an influential artist, making the "Game Theory style" and inspired many of The Game Theorist's editors. MatPat hoped Ronnie knew he achieved his goal, and regretted not telling him how proud he was of him, how he evolved as an artist with his elaborate animations, and created his voice, not only impacting the channel but the internet as a whole.

User:Lumin City
We're all really busy, every hour of every day around the clock. But take the opportunity to tell people what you think. How much you appreciate them, how much you love them, how proud you are of them. Even if that person is really weird in the way that they take their compliments like Ronnie often was. It'll stick. It'll land. And that compliment will really mean a lot."
User:Lumin City

Matpat hoped his video on Ronnie's loss would "start to break down the stigmas around talking about mental health, social anxiety, and suicide."

User:Lumin City
First, and most importantly, remember, you are never alone. Never. Even if it feels like you have no one to talk to. Even if you're talking to someone and it feels like they can't say the right thing, it's okay. It's about you not having to carry the burden yourself. It's about you NOT having to go through this alone. Keep talking, keep conversations open, because it is the single most important thing in these sorts of situations. It's about you being able to give voice to what's wrong, to what you can only experience without being judged.
User:Lumin City

MatPat had done fan meetups at conventions like VidCon, meeting fans facing similar struggles and being honored he was the reason they continued living.

User:Lumin City
a lot of you who watch this channel go through these struggles. That you're dealing with social anxiety, with suicidal thoughts, with depression, and what I often hear from you in those stories is that this channel, this community, had helped bring you through the darkest of times, the lowest of lows. A breakup, a loss of a family member, whatever dark thoughts might be circulating through your head and that is the biggest honor for me to hear, that me nerding out in my closet somehow gave you hope to continue on, to know that you weren't alone, that your mind processes things differently and that's okay, and that other people are out there just like you. But I also recognize that this is a battle that you have to fight every day, and it's a battle that you have to WIN every single day. Ronnie fought that battle for a lot of days, and he won for a lot of days. But it only takes one loss...
User:Lumin City

MatPat asks viewers to share their stories with those willing to listen to them. Despite social media getting increasingly polarized, it still can unite those and give people who feel like no one will listen to them some that will. He also asks those to reach out in real life, providing various services. Most importantly though, MatPat reminds viewers that they're important, valued, and loved, even if they don't realize it, and to honor Ronnie's memory by living and talking openly and honestly with others.

User:Lumin City
don't be ashamed to have your voice be heard, to share your story out there with people who are ready and EAGER to listen to it. ... at a time when social video and social media are constantly tearing each other apart, let's remember that it has positive to offer, too. That it can unite people. That it can give people who feel like they have no one to listen to them. Someone who is there; to listen. But, also reach out in real life. There are countless numbers of services out there available to help you: Suicide hotlines, websites, therapists, people who are trained to help. ... most importantly of all, remember that you are important. That you are valued and that you are LOVED by more people than you could ever possibly think of. ... Honor his memory by living, most importantly of all, and talking openly and honestly with each other. That's most important.
User:Lumin City

On October 8th, 2018, seven months after DogBomb's initial FurAffinity revealing he had ALS,[12] Kijani Lion wrote about him for Dogpatch Press. When asked what he what is best piece of advice was Dogbomb's response was one I fully agreed with.

User:Lumin City
Bad stuff happens, it just does, and that’s okay, ... The only thing we can truly control are our own actions and reactions. If you meet challenges with a smile and a positive attitude, you’ve just beaten the universe at its own game.[13]
User:Lumin City

Moving Forward[edit]

Merlino's passing has reminded me that the fandom wouldn't exist in the way it is without him, being inclusive and accepting of those outcasted by society, especially those LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent. It reaffirmed my belief that beyond appreciating anthropomorphic animals, this is what the fandom is truly about. With the rise in far-right anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, especially toward the fandom, it's now more important than ever for us to be united against such bigotry, instead of continuing to tear ourselves apart.

I hope to continue Merlino's legacy by introducing new members to the fandom through my work, archiving Furry history, and keep fighting the stigma against the LGBTQ+ community, especially the transgender community. I want to inspire the next generation of Furries for the next few decades and leave my mark on the fandom that is just as impactful as Merlino's. The fandom has been around for almost four decades, and I hope we can continue it for another four and beyond.


To-Do List[edit]


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