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I am Dax. I was born in October 1987 in Santa Rosa, CA, and am currently living in San Jose, CA. I attended college in Berkeley, CA, and graduated with a B.A. in Computer Science in May 2009. I co-ran the Berkeley Furmeet from 2009 through 2016, inasmuch as it needs running (it doesn't), and am in the process of handing it off to others to keep an eye on it.

My fursona is an orange, gray, and white wolf, of which I have a homemade fursuit. I am enthusiastic about computer programming, motion graphics, photography, swing dancing, aviation, ham radio (K9PUN), and a dozen other marginally interesting things.

I have worked as staff at several conventions:

My characters include:

  • Dax, the dancing wolf, with a fursuit I made (with Ichi)
  • Kuro, a black and white husky, with a fursuit I made (with Ichi)
  • Boyo, a fox, with a fursuit made by Ichi
  • Tulver, a snow leopard, with a fursuit made by Beetlecat
  • Boulder, an Australian Shepherd dog, with a fursuit made by Lacy and Nick
  • Peluche, a plush coyote, with a fursuit made by Midori
  • Charcoal, a werewolf made by Yonoa/The Fuzz Factory

Latte and I were married in April 2016, and she is the cutest fox.

I usually go by the handle wolfwithdances, as on my AIM, LJ, GMail, Skype, and YouTube accounts.

Hello there.