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I am Dax. I was born in October 1987 in Santa Rosa, CA, and am currently living in San Jose, CA. I attended college in Berkeley, CA, and graduated with a B.A. in Computer Science in May 2009. I typically run the Berkeley Furmeet, inasmuch as it needs running. (It doesn't.)

My fursona is an orange, gray, and white wolf, of which I have a homemade fursuit. I am enthusiastic about computer programming, motion graphics, photography, swing dancing, aviation, and a dozen other marginally interesting things.

I have worked as staff at several conventions:

My characters include:

  • Dax, the dancing wolf, with a fursuit I made (with Ichi)
  • Kuro, a black and white husky, with a fursuit I made (with Ichi)
  • Boyo, a fox, with a fursuit made by Ichi
  • Tulver, a snow leopard, with a fursuit made by Beetlecat
  • Boulder, an Australian Shepherd dog, with a fursuit made by Lacy and Nick
  • Peluche, a plush coyote, with a fursuit made by Midori

My fiancée is Latte, and she is the cutest fox.

I usually go by the handle wolfwithdances, as on my AIM, LJ, GMail, and YouTube accounts.

Hello there.