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The Furry Album album art.

The Furry Album was created by Kurrel the Raven as his RPM Challenge album. It contains seven songs to do with furries, one poem and two short instrumental pieces. It was released to Fur Affinity on 25 February 2009, and was put up for sale on Kurrel's site in May of the same year.


  1. The furry song 2009
  2. Not like that (in real life)
  3. The fursuit horror
  4. The Australian raven
  5. The commission song
  6. Maybe one day
  7. Little joys (instrumental)
  8. The human tail
  9. I'm a kangaroo
  10. A hug from Dooj (instrumental)


The themes of the album include the diversity and roots of the furry fandom, misunderstandings arising from the difference between online and offline personas, ugly fursuits, fursonas, egotism, narcissism, furry porn, the loneliness of long-distance relationships and phantom tails. One of the pieces, "I'm a kangaroo", contains a fleshed-out portrait of a kangaroo furry, while "The Australian raven" is a reading of the Edgar Allan Poe poem The Raven with a twist.

Recording process[edit]

The album was recorded entirely through microphones and instrument pickups, with Kurrel playing all of the instruments and doing all of the singing. No synthesisers or sequencers were used in the creation of any of the music, although many of the pieces feature significant amounts of sound treatment. Instruments included baritone ukulele, tenor ukulele, soprano ukulele, electric kazoo (Kazooka), Lincoln Chordmaster reed organ, melodica, glockenspiel, Tibetan singing bowl, guiro, maracas, shaker and the keyboard sounds of a Commodore 64 home computer.


The furry song 2009[edit]

Ya wanna know about furries, well I'll tell ya now

Ya come to the right bird to know what being furry is about And ya better listen good Or ya won't understand what must be understood

To make sense of all the ref-rences Coming up in the songs I'll be presenting So pay attention to this information Here's the short version for the impatient

Furries are an Internet subculture Who are fans of anthropomorphic animal characters And they bring them to life in any way they can In costumes, illustration, roleplay and animation

Anthropomorphic means like human But not entirely quite human So animal mascots or animal cartoons Are the kind of characters I mean to refer to

And every furry has a character like this A character that they identify with And that's their furry identity Yes that's who they are to the furry community

La la la la la la la We're furry La la la la la la la La la la la la la la We're furry La la la la la la la

Listen up!

The spaces we express and share our furriness Are on the Internet, that's where so many furries get Together in thousands in online communities Like Second Life, FurryMUCK or Fur Affinity

Virtual international space And it's hard to discriminate Nobody knows your gender or race When you're a talking animal instead of a human face

And we have real world conventions Like Anthrocon or Further Confusion In the Furry Autonomous Zone Alongside your own kind, ya know that you're not alone

When it comes to the details, we may disagree We're as diff'rent from each other as we can be In our interests, in our sexuality, You may have heard the myth but this is the reality:

There's all kinds of furries, no matter what you've heard, We all find our own place In the furry universe, For some furries their space Is kinky or perverse But it's not always that way 'Coz furries are diverse

We are people playing pretend That's all it is in the end Every furry's got their own motivation For participation in the furry congregation

La la la la la la la We're furry La la la la la la la La la la la la la la We're furry La la la la la la la

Not like that (in real life)[edit]

We met in a fetish chatroom

I don't remember which one You were an otter, I was a bear We had lots of fun

We hit it off almost instantly Like tomato sauce and pizza crust Our turn-ons matched up so perfectly Yet it wasn't love, it was deeply kinky lust

We went deeper than we thought we could Amazed at the kinks that we'd find Sexed up text roleplay, all night and sometimes all day Ah, we were two of a kind

The major cost was the sleep that was lost To our virtual sinfulness As we explored what only fantasy affords Without reality's hindrance

One day we had an opportunity To meet up face to face You were in the neighbourhood on work I understood So you came over to my place

Before I knew it, we were on the floor doing it And that part I enjoyed It was when you started inflating a balloon in my arse That I got paranoid

It took a while before I opened my bedroom door And you were well prepared Dressed as an otter I found strangely familiar, Offering me a costume that looked just like my bear

The crotchless bear made me baffled and scared Moreso your collection of toys There was whipped cream, helium and nitrous oxide - You were obviously a naughty boy

I didn't know how to let you down Without sounding like an ungrateful square It was just that I was so astounded By all the kinky stuff that you had in there

I said it appeared you had the wrong idea Because that's not what I'm like Online it's perfectly fine But I'm not like that in real life

I said it appeared you had the wrong idea Because that's not what I'm like You see, online it's perfectly fine But I'm not like this in real life

The fursuit horror[edit]

I'm sorry, so sorry

You're so very horrid My dearest creation I hereby accept all the blame Your ugliness makes me ashamed

My shudders are instant Your design's non-existent Your glare is persistent Like a hungry wolf eyeing a sheep To be brutal, you give me the creeps

If only I had the talent to make you Exactly as in my mind's eye... If I'd any idea of the skill it would take to I'd never have bothered to try

Your bodysuit's baggy But that's not what nags me, It's how all the glue that I used Has turned to yellow crust Disgusting and not unlike pus

And all I could find in the store That my budget afforded was Fur coloured lime green and orange and puce With the texture of old puppet pubes

It wasn't my mission to make such a travesty Ambition and talentlessness brought calamity The fumes from the glue on my fingers are choking me It stings that my hubris has played this cruel joke on me

I dare not reveal you So now I conceal you Forgetting I left you there You'll slowly decline In a box with a sign In red marker saying simply "Beware!"

For you were just practice I'm sure that the next time I'll know better and do it right So please don't attack me In nightmares I'll have about you When I'm sleeping tonight

So now it is time To hide you away To put you behind me And that's where you'll stay There will be no photographs To show to my friends To give them a bellylaugh At just how horrendous you are Let's be honest, o' object of wrongness, we've gone much too far

The commission song[edit]

I used to really love your porn

But now I am completely torn By all of your seething and your scorn

You may recall I emailed you Four months ago to ask you to Consider depicting yours tru-ly

Ejaculating onto the posterior Of a foxy I'd like to get to know much better Bent over a school desk just after class With a thick stream of yiff cream dripping out his tight foxy ass

You said okay, that's not a chore It's something you'd drawn lots before As long as there wasn't any gore

We made the deal, and so I sent Your fee, which came out of my rent My roomie made up the difference

I emailed you a reference sheet I'd commissioned My furry persona in many sexual positions And a naked turnaround to get you acquainted With all my special markings, from eartip to tailtip

It was then that trouble started How was I to know That you and my reference sheet's artist Had previously come to blows She said you'd only copied All the best art you'd drawn And even your tracing was sloppy So you kicked her ass when you saw her at Anthrocon

It took you many weeks to finally chill And stop abusing me whenever I emailed I only wanted to know when you would be done And asking several times a day seemed better than just asking once

Eventually my commission arrived Accompanied by instructions that I never talk to you again As long as you remained alive

It wasn't your best work you know For 200 dollars, I felt low But that's okay, I'll let it go

I gave it to my special fox At his reaction I was shocked He got so pissed, he didn't find it hot

Oh I only meant it to say I'd like it if he yiffed meItalic text He said that he would never ever forgive me I said if he'd done this for me, I'd be grateful I'd love him eternally, I sure wouldn't be hateful

He told me to take it down Before it got around But it was way too late You'd already upped it to FA And noted in the comment "This commission made me vomit But I really needed the money But this is the last piece of fap fodder you'll get from me I'm so tired of all of your s**t, I'm at the end of my tether Yeah, f**k all furries, I'm leaving the fandom forever!"

Maybe one day[edit]

You know it doesn't seem right

How we were born in different corners of the world A summer day for you is my winter night And between us is a three thousand dollar twenty-six hour flight It's hard to see the light

When am I gonna see you? It hurts to think that you're so far away When am I gonna be with you? Maybe one day...

I'd feel better if I could touch you If you were here with me I couldn't promise that I wouldn't crush you Our love's so strong, it hurts so much You must feel it too But what can we do?

I just wanna be near you The world isn't as cold with someone to hold, they say When am I gonna see you? Maybe one day...

Day after day I close my eyes And hope and dream of when we'll be together And night after night, I imagine what it'll be like When we're holding hands That single moment will feel like forever Then, eyes wide open, it's all in my imagination And the shock of reality knocks the calmness out of me And I'm holding back tears or crying with frustration Your voice is near But you're so far And dear to my heart

Maybe it's better not to dwell But it's impossible to think about you Without missing you as well I hope it's not too long to go, I guess only time will tell

When am I gonna see you? It hurts to think that you're so far away When am I gonna be with you? Maybe one day...

I just wanna be near you The world isn't as cold with someone to hold, they say When am I gonna see you? Maybe one day...

The human tail[edit]

In the air behind me is a tail

I can feel it now Poking through the chair I'm sitting in But I don't know how I know it's there In the air Kinaesthesia argues with the physical realities So evident to other senses Piping up in their defences Saying nothing's there In the air

In the air behind me is a tail I can feel it here Where it comes from is a mystery Just that much is clear Sensation point right here behind me Empty space to other people Who would likely shake their heads and tell me I'm not right in mine Even though I'm feeling fine With my tail right there In the air

Long ago I wished I had a tail Wished it very much You may say where wishes were concerned I was out of touch But it was what I wanted deeply For silly whimsy, nothing creepy Through hours spent in contemplation Wistful with imagination My nervous system found a way to Grow a tail down there In the air

Life would be quite different with a tail Whether thick or thin It would take some creativity to make the best of it And if tomorrow we all had them Would they come with stripes or spots And would they be prehensile So that we could hold a sandwich Or perhaps a glass of cold ginger beer With our tail right there In the air

One day I should I wake up with a tail Grown in overnight I'll take some analgesics for the pain If I didn't sleep on it right Then sew some tailholes in my trousers Try my best to not get trapped in sliding doors that slyly close Or turn around too quickly, should I belt some unsuspecting person Lacking derrière Savoir-faire

Meditations on the human tail Lead me back to now Contemplating what this feeling means What to think about This strange sensation at the place My sacrum ends and turns into my all-too-human tailbone I guess I'll never really know Nor have more than this song to show Re: my tail right there in thin air

I'm a kangaroo[edit]

I'm a kangaroo

But I'm a person just like you I've got pointy ears and a tail But I ride a scooter and I've got email

I work at a wildlife park From nine 'til six When it gets dark I like to hop on home And hang out with friends or listen to the radio

The wildlife park's no fun I lie around naked in the sun While sunburnt tourists come to Take hundreds of photos and click their tongues

And that disturbs my sleep I've been woken up from too many dreams By badly-behaved children's noisy screams Splitting my ears like precision laser beams

Every week I get two days free When I can go back to being me I tend to stay at home and read if it's rainy, Or practice playing my ukulele

And if it's sunny I'm usually busking Strumming tunes like this one when I'm not discussing Why I prefer ukuleles to guitars And the main reason why I don't own a car

One day I showed up to work hungover Lying all day half dead in the corner They said it was my best performance yet And that's about as kangarooish as I normally get

I bet I'd got stuck in and drunk absinthe again The previous evening goaded on by my so-called friends I spent the afternoon cursing the aniseed on my breath And wishing for merciful death

Guys don't quite know what to make of me Girls flirt but never want to date me The other kangaroos are rather boring musically So let's hear it for my ukulele

Yeah I'm a kangaroo But I'm a person just like you I've got paws and fur And I read science fiction and my weekends are a blur

My friends always tease me Whenever we go shopping, they always try to sneak Kangaroo meat in with my curry To make the checkout chick stare at me and worry

And I can't drive a car My tail has put paid that so far But without a tail I'd be half a kangaroo And when I go dancing it's where I get my groove

I don't mind it when it's warm But I bloody love thunderstorms A clap of thunder is so fine Especially when you've got ears as big as mine

I'm a macropod marsupial I'm philosophical and musical I'm a kangaroo and a person too

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