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Furry x 60 (Furry By Sixty or Furry Times Sixty) is a compilation of furry music, organised and compiled by Kurrel the Raven.


Work on the project began in August 2008. With forty submissions, and months of sound engineering and running order finalising, the collection was released on 31st December 2008. The URL was secured on January 3rd, 2009. Each submission had to be exactly sixty seconds long.

Liner notes[edit]

The compilation has been described as having a "broad" variety of music. There are whimsical tales of badgers romancing raccoons in the local dump (Bob Drake), opening themes to non-existent childrens' TV shows (Kurrel the Raven, Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus), effervescent extolations upon the equine (JM) or 8-bit video game tributes (Electric Keet), brooding power electronics (Steinkreis, Sssitinith, GHDA), troubled meditations on the conflict between person and persona (Soul Camel), tense ambient soundscapes (Dust Frolic and Faux), wistful orchestral arrangements (Char, Equium), trance (Kagami Muromachi, Vulpyra), soul electronics (Sage Taylor) and some rocking filter house courtesy of furry's answer to Thomas Bangalter (CHICAGO¤lollie).

Running order[edit]

Bob Drake - It Was A Weas
Chip Unicorn - Azuloj
Sage Taylor - Vulpecula
GHDA - A Lifetime Of Remembrance
Vulpyra - Press Play
Sage Taylor - La Roue Bleue
Electric Keet - She's Got A Brand New NES
Kagami Muromachi - Uncommon Sense
Faux - We Promised
Dust Frolic - How The First Pangolin Disintegrated
Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus - Kittylove
JM - Horse Have Standards
Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus - Sandy Scales
CHICAGO¤lollie - Soixante
Steinkreis - Taken
Muntjac - Bird Diamond Express
Kurrel the Raven - Chicken Man
Vulpyra - Quail Rave
Sssitinith - Falling
Kagami Muromachi - Silenced Night
Rabbit Rabbit - Toybox Theory
Electric Keet - What Am I?
Serfox - Setting Off
Char - Clarinets
Char - Pretty 3
Char - Pretty 1
Kagami Muromachi - Ethnic
Bob Drake - Trashcan Of Love
Kurrel the Raven - Happy Clappy
Kiffa Kitmouse - Fortnight
BaddWill - Naughty Kittens
Chip Unicorn - Azuloj
Sssitinith - I'll Wait For You
Steinkreis - Flame
Electric Keet - Winter Coat
Equium - Field
Sssitinith - Snowfall
Luciffur - Orgue À Roxton Falls
Soul Camel - Swinging The Chain (excerpt from Die Gœddisfatir)
Kurrel the Raven - Kazoolah!

Furry x 60 II[edit]

On July 1, 2009, Kurrel released the second installment, Furry x 60 II.

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