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Furry x 60 II (Furry By Sixty Part Two or Furry Times Sixty, Two) is a compilation of furry music, organised and compiled by Kurrel the Raven.


Work on the project began in May 2009 as a sequel to the original release in 2008. Part 2 featured an extra twenty submissions, from recurring and new artists. The second collection was released on July 1, 2009.

Liner notes[edit]

For those late to the concept: furry x 60 2 is sixty pieces of music written by furries, with each piece totalling sixty seconds in length, laid end to end. No restrictions were put on what that sixty seconds can contain, only that it should be an original work of their own.

The music was in various genres. Pop (Kobi LaCroix, Kurrel the Raven), instrumentals (eorpheus, Moult, Kaliden), blues and grunge (Brody Catsmouth, Abrahm, SableAble), avant-garde (Bartbix, Dust Frolic, verix, Steinkreis), electronic dance music of all sorts (X, Huepow00, Sage Taylor), downtempo and cerebral beats (Firr, CHICAGO¤lollie, Luciffur, Corbin Busker, mendes), chiptunes (Electric Keet, Counterpoint and Nobuyuki), orchestral (Jack Chandler, Equium, Kuga the Iguanadon), and some rap (emptyF, Bucktown Tiger). True to the compilation's emphasis on variety, it's been equally as common for artists to submit music in completely different genres as not.

Running order[edit]

Jack Chandler - Meteorite
Kobi LaCroix - Ubuwimi
Moult - Ark
CHICAGO¤lollie - For The Bright Of Mind
Counterpoint And Nobuyuki - Mysterious Chip 7
Bartbix - Bloody Strings
Bucktown Tiger - Furry Rap Ambassador
Bartbix - WORDS to LIVE BY
X - Rise Up
Moult - Flock
Huepow00 - A Mid Summers Loader
Firr - Chomp And Stomp
Jack Chandler - Snapdragon Waltz
Moult - Battery
HypE - Into The Belly Of The Beast
Chip Unicorn - Mono
Kurrel The Raven - Awn The 8th
Karuno Naimaru - Changeover
Brody Catsmouth - Only For A Minute
Mister Coontail - Period
Verix - Something For The G.I.R.L.s
Equium - Tea Break
Corbin Busker - CL60
Dust Frolic - Hatchetfish With The Eyes Of A Seahorse
Huepow00 - No Time 4 Rave
Electric Keet - Snow In Parallax
Chip Unicorn - Mark Of The Cute Beast
GHDA - Lion's Roar
X - Lay It Off
Sage Taylor - Clock
emptyF - Bisexual Furry Drama
Abrahm - Blue Talk
Eorpheus - Risk
Electric Keet - Vict'ry Of The Mad Scientist
CHICAGO¤lollie - Deuteronomy
Steinkreis - The Guy
Nobuyuki - Resonance Cycle
Equium - Scritches
Luciffur - EXPSPACE
Kaliden - Haunted
Jack Chandler - Invader
Kurrel The Raven - Full Moon Child
Chip Unicorn - Lullabye
Huepow00 - Short Boy With Hard Style
ComposerFox - Saturday Morning
Luciffur - Knuth's Poset (Nil)
Karuno Naimaru - Li-Li's Theme
Firr - Untitled
SableAble - On The Meaning Of Life And Electo-Static Discharges
Moxil and Taxil - Zorn
Electric Keet - Last Glance
Luciffur - Chimaeric Polymorphism
Sage Taylor - Expenses
Mister Coontail - The Peak
Lyxen - Cardboard
Equium - Gumiho
Mendes - Ohmnesia
CHICAGO¤lollie - Louÿs
X - Crazy Stringz
Kuga The Iguanodon - The Fox Trots

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