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Sedge Hare (born August 19)[1] is a furry musician who lives near Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.[2] His fursona is a Snowshoe hare.

Furry activities[edit]

Sedge is a director of FurFright, Inc.

Musical activities[edit]

Sedge collaborates with Kiffa Kitmouse as the musical group "Drama Armada". Their songs include Nobody's Watching Me, a parody of Rockwell's 1984 single Somebody's Watching Me.

Sedge also collaborated with Belic Bear and Runtt (as "The Paw Offs") to record a version of Welcome (Furry Forest Theme). I bet no-one even reads these stubs. (Wanna bet? mwahaha) The recording had Sedge on bass guitar and vocals, Belic on guitars and vocals, and Runtt on drums, vocals and keyboards.


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