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Neon as portrayed by the artist Henrieke

Neonpossum (born April 22,[1] 1986), previously known as Wingedwolf and Dogisdead is an opossum furry, furry lifestyler, fursuiter, and European wolf therian. He lives in Leicester, United Kingdom,[1] with his fiancée Pyropaws.


Neonpossum has a variety of characters which he uses to represent himself. His two main fursonas are:

  • Neon, a Virginia opossum which Neon uses as his main representation online and his mascot.[2]
  • Bran, a European grey wolf which is Neon's more personal and spiritual character.[3]

Neon also has various other characters which he enjoys playing, which include:

Fandom involvement[edit]

Neonpossum has been producing artwork for the furry fandom since 2004. He is a regular attendee of ConFuzzled and has produced artwork for both that and NordicFuzzCon in Sweden. He is a member of various furry art websites, but his main gallery is at Fur Affinity.

In 2015, Neonpossum was invited to be a part of the prints marketplace InkedFur.

Convention attendance[edit]

Neonpossum attended Confuzzled in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015. He is also a regular attendee at Kitacon and Amecon.


  • Neon's hobbies are drawing, animals, horseriding, costume-building, needlefelting and animal welfare.
  • Neon holds a BA (Hons) in Animation and a HND in Animal Science. He is also interested in studying Zoology in the future.
  • As of June, 2015, Neon is studying Norwegian.
  • He has seven pet rats, three pet snakes and a hamster.
  • His first fursuit was of his old opossum character, which he ended up selling to Ziegenbock, renamed Delph.


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