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For the artist, see Huskie (artist).
Merry, a fictional husky anthroid character in Andoronzon as well as in Extinctioners

A Siberian Husky, often shortened to simply "husky", is a rugged, medium-sized breed of dog that, in real life, is used as a working and companion dog. Originally from arctic and sub-arctic regions, they are highly sociable animals and friendly towards humans, but are genetically and behaviorally closer to wolves than many breeds of dogs. The archetypical husky is grey to black with large areas of white, especially on the face and muzzle, and can also be brown, red, agouti, sable, copper and white. Their eye colors come in blue, brown or mismatched eyes.

Huskies and furry[edit]

Huskies are one of the most popular species in furry fandom, both as personal characters and as art subjects. For example, huskies, along with wolves, are prominently featured in the artwork of Blotch and BlackTeagan.

Huskies are especially popular in the Balto fandom as well, where most fan-made characters are huskies or half-husky, half-wolf wolfdogs.

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