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In Hot FURSUIT is an article about furry fandom which appeared in the February 2008 edition of Legacy, the student magazine of Louisiana State University. It was written by Steven Weber with photographs by Cristina Fletes.

The article opens with some definitions of "anthropomorphic", "furry", and "yiff", and then describes the author's online searches for furry activity. Having seen MTV's Sex2K and the CSI episode Fur and Loathing, Weber expects to find much "sexual hijinks", but although his initial Google searches bring up various pieces of furotica, they also show that furry fandom involves much more than just sex, including fan fiction, furry art, conventions, and fursuiting.

To get more deeply involved, Weber joins various furry-related forums, including that of the Louisianafurs. He find that furries span a wide range of attitudes, from those who aren't into yiffing at all, to those who join forums just for that purpose.

Weber mentions various statistics about the fandom (apparently drawn from such sources as the University of California, Davis study), including the fact that, despite popular belief, the number of homosexuals in the fandom is less than the number of heterosexuals, with the majority of furries identify as bisexual.

Finding no furries wishing to discuss their personal experiences, Weber opens an account on Second Life and creates a fox avatar for himself, later changing it to a wolf.

Still not able to "bag (himself) a quick yiff", Weber heads for the Furry-Furry forum, where he finds open discussion of yiffing, fursuits with SPHs, and plushophilia. In the end, though, Weber concludes that, beyond the "myths and media hype", furries are much like everyone else, with the same needs for pleasure and social interaction.

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