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Imago, previously known as Imago Rabbit, Imago3d and very early on as Rabbit Dawn, is a predominantly 3d artist.

fandom involvement[edit]

Imago is the founder of Furs4you. The first notible online appearance of Imago was in 1999 and was the first 3D anthropomorphic artist to offer art commissions to the public. Imago, in addition to doing commission work, is the creator of Three D Comics. Imago is also the artist for Project Rabbit a co-created comic that is written by Aether Rabbit.

Imago has artwork at Furs4You. Imago had art at Fur Affinity, but deleted most of it from FA in 2009 April[1] after complaining that Poser work not allowed by Fur Affinity new "TOS" or Acceptable Upload Policy.[2] and one image was deleted by Fur Affinity staff.[3]


Imago's fursona is a Montalibar, a species of fur that Imago invented for Three D Comics (ThreeD). A Montalibar is a shape shifter and can shift between its non morphic form and its morphic one. Montalibars have wings that can be sucked in to their bodies if they need to go undercover and not be spotted as a Montalibar. The race of Montalibars is almost totally extinct due to the evil Empress Ragna who has enslaved this once proud race. They are no more then her guards and bounty hunters now.

Imago is a rebellious Montalibar who can shift in to a wolf at will. Montalibars can and have been known to become "stuck" in their feral state if they shift for more then two weeks. It takes some concentration to get it right, and younger Montalibars tend to get it wrong quite a bit, becoming non-morphic animals with wings. Every Montalibar has a different dominate animal that they can transform in to with very few of them being alike. Montalibar females are solitary and very rarely mate. This is due to the fact that Montalibars mate for life, and once they mate with a male, they consider that male to be their property and will defend him to the death against any opposition. Imago's mate is UnrealFox.


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