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Three D Comics is a comic began following Jake Wolfington as he was sucked through a portal in to a strange new land. The first of his encounters with the residents of this strange land was with Jerem a Ratagaroo who was also from another world. Jake found that not everyone in this world is what he would consider normal as he met Jerem's friend Sasha a Montalibar with strange powers. As he continued on he lived with the tribe of women hyena warriors, but broke their rules by having sex with one of the tribe members. After his sexual encounter he sprouted wings due to a gene that was implanted in to him as he came through the portal. He was sought after by the Empress of the land a human named Ragna. Befriended by Kylus another Montalibar he was given up to the empress even as her henchman Ace was searching for him.

This comic is currently on hold.

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