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FurryBrasil is a furry forum and news portal which holds discussions on the furry community, fine arts, fursuits, literature, RPGs, environmentalism, spiritualism, and several other topics.


FurryBrazil was founded in March 2001, entering into operation in September of that year. Its domain at the time was furrybrasil.com.br, and did not include the forum. It listed some sites of furries and artists across the world, seeking to promote the concept of furry into the country and generate Portuguese content, something rare in scattered sites.

From the list furry.br, on Yahoo! Groups, the idea arose of creating a forum so that furry Brazilians could exchange ideas and share projects. Soon some Portuguese furs also joined the group. The resulting interaction was instrumental in increasing the size of Brazilian furry fandom.

Gray Wolf, Koga Silver Dragon, Perx and Titus Forcii became administrators at the end of 2007, with the site moving for a time to furrybrasil.org. The latter three remain administrators as of March 2010.

In November 2010, the site moved back to furrybrasil.com.br and introduced news, reviews, event listings and interviews with furs like Dragoneer and Heather Bruton (Muzzle to Muzzle, by Hwei Chow), some of the latter in English.[1]


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