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Abando logo by Tanuki Gokuhi.png
Location São Paulo, Brazil - Intervales
Status Discontinued
First iteration 2-5 February 2008
Subject Outdoor Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Abando resources
Abando (edit)
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Abando 2008
Abando 2009
Abando 2010
Abando 2011
Abando 2012
Abando 2013

Abando staff
Abando guests of honor

Abando was the first furry convention to be held annually in Brazil. It was founded in 2008, and occurred during the Brazilian Carnival. The last event was in 2016, with 87 campers.


First logo, by Jrrhack Label.

The event was conceived in a discussion thread between members of a local Brazilian forum Furry Brasil back in 2007. In this discussion WToboe, Reyres, and Ekevoo started to put the idea together and the first thought about having a camping convention was proposed. A year later, Reyres assembled the first team of six volunteers and Abando was founded on the second day of February of 2008.

The camp focused in outdoor activities such as Frisbee (Flying disc), foam bat battles, water-balloon rugby, lake swim and camp-fire, but also having other activities such as drawing workshops, board games and movie nights. The staff members were responsible to prepare three meals a day to the campers. The event was held at Toboe's farm until 2011, when the demand of furries was far beyond the site capacity. In 2012, Abando moved to a state park called Intervales, where attendance kept increasing until reaching the site capacity again in 2014. Aside from Abando activities, the meals were now prepared through a third-party company and furries could also enjoy guided tours through natural caves. The last year on Intervales was in 2015, when Abando announced it was moving from the park[1].

Abando commented[2] in one of their channels that their the site for 2016 was a school camp, and it could held the triple of attendees as it was in Intervales, estimated in 140 spots.

Convention summary[edit]

Year Dates Location Theme Attendees
2016 6-9 February 2016 São Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil - Monjolinho School Camp Heroes of Atlantis 87
2015 14-17 February 2015 Ribeirão Grande, São Paulo, Brazil - Intervales State Park The Art Mafia 68
2014 1-4 March 2014 Ribeirão Grande, São Paulo, Brazil - Intervales State Park Japan: The Daimyō Lands 73
2013 9-12 February 2013 Ribeirão Grande, São Paulo, Brazil - Intervales State Park Furries of the Sea! 55
2012 18-21 February 2012 Ribeirão Grande, São Paulo, Brazil - Intervales State Park Mayas: The Sons of the Sun 50
2011 5-8 March 2011 São Roque, São Paulo, Brazil - Sítio Maio UFO Hunters 55
2010 13-16 February 2010 São Roque, São Paulo, Brazil - Sítio Maio Hawaii: Aloha Abando! 37
2009 21-24 February 2009 São Roque, São Paulo, Brazil - Sítio Maio No Theme 22
2008 2-5 February 2008 São Roque, São Paulo, Brazil - Sítio Maio No Theme 15

Guests of Honour[edit]

The Guests of Honour of Abando have been:[3]


With the growth of Abando in 2012, the convention moved to Intervales State Park, a nature reserve. The location is still in the same state in São Paulo, but is 260 kilometers from the capital city. Intevales State Park has natural cascades, caves and critters. For 2016, Abando moved to Monjolinho School Camp in São Pedro. Monjolinho has housing, a restaurant, a pool, a sports field and a meeting room.


Introduced as official mascot in 2015, Oby (Green in Tupi-Guarani) is an Teiú or Tegu, a species of lizard, native to Central and South America.

Oby, Abando's mascot, ref sheet drawn by Mystic.


Abando has one chairman and eight organizers:

  • Reyres - Chairman (2008-2011, 2016)
  • Aniki Geelong - overall leader (2012-2015, Activities from 2009)
  • Ekevoo - Subscriptions, Website, Treasurer (2008-Present)
  • Koush - Activities, Treasurer (2010-Present)
  • Loba Teimosa - General help staff (2011-Present)
  • Silverbolt - Video producer and kitchen manager in 2011 (2011-Present)
  • Tanuki Gokuhi - Marketing, Activities, Website and Coordinator (2009-Present)
  • Toboe - Activities (2008-Present)

Old leadership[edit]


All vacancies for the event in 2015 were sold out in 37 minutes.


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