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Ashen Fox, aka Curtis Palmer, is an artist.

Ash-Fox is a furry who lives in the United Kingdom. He previously lived in Poland for twelve years. Religiously, he does not follow any religion, but considers himself to be spiritual. His fursona is a red fox.

His hobbies include running various communities and a wide range of interests in computers and technology, such as programming, amateur radio, and cryptography. He is currently a moderator of #foxie on FurNet, helping to maintain the channel ethics, running the channel bot (FoxieBOT) and hosting the channel's website.

He also assists in running an IRC network,, which started out as an online furry magazine (originally under the name before the registar lost the domain[1]). Now however it is more of a community that includes various interests including furry, otherkin, anime, and IT. He also runs an ancient type of BBS on, known as the QuickFox BBS.

Ash-Fox is also a scripter on Second Life and he has created some furry art, although he doesn't consider himself an artist.

On Furcadia, he is a bugge hunter, an official group managed by Dragoneye Productions, who help by reporting bugs and various technical issues in Furcadia.



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