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Ashen Fox is the pseudonym of artist Curtis Palmer. Mostly self-taught, he has been doodling since childhood, though his primary talent is in music. He has been drawing with much greater frequency ever since taking on pencilling duties for the webcomic Tommy & PJ in September of 2004. He first learned of the existence of furry fandom by way of the internet. Like many others, he had envisioned characters combining human and animal traits but had never met another artist with the same interests, and had no access to furry publications up until that time.

Ashen joined the java-based Lobby chatroom on FurNation in its final days before it was forced to move to another chat server, and caught a glimpse of some of the earliest entries to Yerf when it was still the Squeeky Clean Furry Archive. He has also been writing mostly science fiction since high school, though his only published credits to date are a short story called Canis Major which appeared in the Anthrocon 2005 conbook, and his Masters thesis, The Forgotten Races (copyright 2005 Texas Tech University Press).

A Christian, Ashen Fox belongs to such groups as The Unicorn and Gryphon, Furrs Fur Christ, and Christian Furry Fellowship.

The character[edit]

Ashen Fox is also an avatar of Ashen Fox's personality. He is an anthro grey fox character, described in detail in the artist's LiveJournal. He has appeared in a couple of short stories or anecdotes, and has also made cameo appearances in Tommy and PJ.

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