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WeisenWolf(We-Sin-Wu-lf), or sometimes Weisen for short, is a little furry from just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. WeisenWolf is a strong believer that ALL artist, no matter there skill level should have a website to call there own, even if it is just using templates. WeisenWolf will be going to his first Furry con, witch will be Anthrocon 2010. Weisenwolf's fursona is someone of a mix between a grey/timber wolf and a husky, his fur changes based on the season it is and his mood. He is an avid viewer of The Funday Pawpet Show, and you can find him posting on Anthrcon's forums, as well as Furaffinity. He has been called many things in my life and most of them them are not true. He likes music, and you will even see him make some now and then. He like to take pictures, and you will see him post some photos on FurAffinity every now and then. He like to draw, but can be quoted to saying "not that I am that good at it". He is known for his love of computers, "I love everything about them. I love to write in HTML, I try my hand at java, or flash sites." To many people he is 'nice' but he is very modest about it, you can look at his biography "I try to be a 'nice' person by my own standers, I do what I think to be right, and that is how I live my life. I am a good person to talk to, I do not judge people without first getting to know them. I would like to say I am nice, but I do not think that is up to me to decide. Well that is about it, if you want to get to know me, I love to try and make friends, if you do not want to try and know me, no hard feelings"