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Kiroja Fluffy on Second Life

Kiroja (born 1978) is a red fox from The Netherlands. He is the administrator of the dutchfurs mailinglist, and used to be admin for the #eurofurs channel on FurNet, Kiara's Sahifa webforum and Yiffy World webforum. He started the #dutchfurs channel on FurNet.

Kiroja Fluffy is a Dutch Fur from Holland and often attends the convention Furry Weekend Holland. A photo of Kiroja taken by Khaki Doggy can be seen here

Kiroja has been using this nickname since 1998. Someone posted TLK fanfiction using the same nickname in 2003, but Kiroja did not write these. He also has nothing to do with the Kiroja Basenjis Kennel founded in 2002.

Kiroja was part of the Eurofurence orga for EF 6, 7, 8, 10 and 11 and core staff for the first real dutch furry convention TreeCon.

At Furry Weekend Holland Kiroja became convention staff in 2015. First as part of the kitchen crew, but as the con moved in 2018 to a new __cpLocation in Baarlo (which has its own kitchen staff) joined the Safety team, currently as second in command to head of safety Crowix.

Since 2016 Kiroja volunteers at Confuzzled for the Welfare team as security. He was voluntold to step up and handed a lanyard on the second day of the con. In 2017 he returned as crew member and became a senior crew member in 2018. After the 2019 edition of Confuzzled Kiroja was asked to put his name up for election and voted into the welfare executive team, a security council that oversees operations, an official staff position of the Confuzzled Ltd.

Second Life[edit]

Kiroja can also be found on the MMORPG Second Life as Kiroja Fluffy. Joined in february 2006. Starting out as a dancer and escort at Fur Dungeon. In March 2006 he was asked to help run GYC and became co owner. After a year the original founder left the scene and Kiroja was joined in his efforts running the club by Myke Patton in 2008. In 2007 he became involved with Second Pride, the gay pride organisation in Second Life and helped make the furry presence in Second Life known there. For the 2010 festivities planning Kiroja became the Building Chairman, which he sadly had to resign from before the event due to personal circumstances. Kiroja enjoys building in Second Life, creating various installments of GYC, the various versions of the GYC Mall, the original Daycare centre at Cub Conclave, Disney's New Orleans Square at The Park, second pride's art show castle and many other structures. He created the second pride halloween Haunted Mansion ride with the help of scripters Beautiful Helendale, Agent Strangelove and Raithsphere Enyo. A fully working copy of Disneylands Haunted Mansion ride which happened to have it's 40 year anniversary at the time (october 2009). The ride was built in only 3 weeks time. The ride was open to the public for only two weeks, opening one week before halloween and remaining open till a week after. It attracted many visitors and even got featured on CNN[1] as an example of the halloween festivities in virtual worlds.



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