Myke Patton

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Myke Patton

Myke Patton (born 1976) is a hyena from Canada, previously[when?] known for being a DJ at a few clubs on Second Life. Myke along with Kiroja, owns GYC.

Second Life[edit]

Myke used to be a frequent Mp3-J on Second Life, though is a session musician in RL. Myke used to work at several Second Life Clubs, is now[when?] settled into co-ownership of GYC. He helps fellow co-owner Kiroja maintain its inner-workings, and thus can usually be found there.

His screen-name is somewhat of an 'homage' to the real Mike Patton, of whom Myke has been a fan since 1990.

Music Production[edit]

Myke writes/records his own music, some of which can be found online. His player has been a session musician since 1995, and has worked-with/performed-with several bands. He has also commissioned pieces for public radio, thematic and atmospheric music for independent films.


Myke has always been a hyena at heart. On SL he has used several other species avatars; including crux, rat, wolf and husky. His profile describes his character/disposition as "Sweet and Sour".