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Crowix, also known as Crowix Baxton on Second Life,[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Tilburg in the Netherlands.[2]


Crowix's fursona is a light-grey North American raccoon with a green right eye and an arctic-blue left eye.[3] He has a solid black mask, and his ears are black on the outide and white on the inside. He has a small silver ring in his right upper ear.

Crowix has a white belly and his back is light grey with a black patch. He has a large black and white tail with four black stripes. His paw pads are flesh-pink.


Crowix's fursuit character is a German Shepherd called Banzai.[3]

At Furs on Fire (a convention in the Netherlands held at newyear), Crowix is host of the fursuit gameshow.


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