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TreeCon Logo by Blue Panther

TreeCon was a small convention held in the Netherlands in 2003 and 2004, organized by Pegla. The name is derived from the first hotel where the convention was held: Hotel Triton in the beachtown of Zandvoort. The logo was designed by Blue Panther and printed by Skunki.


TreeCon Zero[edit]

Staff: Bander, Kiroja, Pegla, Vos, Watani

  • Treecon Zero was held in 2003 from January 17-19. The TreeCon staff struck a deal with the hotel staff to provide free orange juice, which lead to the con being nicknamed 'OrangeCon'. The juice dispenser needed refills nearly every hour.

TreeCon 2[edit]

Staff: Bander, Kiroja, Pegla, Vos, Watani

  • TreeCon 2 was held in the winter of 2004.

Since there was no smoking in the hotel and it was too cold outside to stand around the front door several choose to gather in their various cars parked out front. Which lead to this installment of TreeCon being nicknamed CarCon.

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