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IndyFurCon 2012 was the third annual IndyFurCon convention. Held over August 10-12, 2012, this year the convention moved into the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel at Keystone Crossing on the North side of Indianapolis, Indiana.

The theme of IndyFurCon 2012 was 'FURS IN SPACE!'. The convention featured Alkali Bismuth as Guest of Honor, and included Chris B. Critter as their first Featured Artist. and Skroy as Fursuit of Honor. Uncle Kage was also present.

The total attendance was 482, with 110 fursuiters in the parade on Saturday. The charity for 2012 was, for the second year, Southside Animal Shelter. For this organization, the con raised $2,500 from donations, a charity auction, and a charity show.

At the closing ceremonies, it was announced that Tora NightProwler would be stepping down as con chair. His replacement would be Roxas, who, as per the agreement in the bylaws set forth by WhoozFur, would occupy the position for the next three years.

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