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Alkali Bismuth (born August 23 1982)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Palos Heights, Illinois, U.S.A.[1] He was formerly mated to Xander the Blue until 2023.

Alkali's fursona is a Black-footed ferret, and his fursuit was constructed by Tinkerdarn.[2] It debuted at Midwest FurFest 2009.

Fandom activities[edit]

Alkali occasionally hosts Whose Lion is it Anyway?, known to be one of the main hosts of the panel in the fandom. Alkali was also one of the co-hosts of The Dragget Show.

Alkali was the chairman of Fur Squared, a convention in which he also deals with marketing.[3] He was a Guest of Honor at IndyFurCon 2012,[4] Fur Reality 2015,[5] and Motor City Furry Con 2017.[6] He hosted the Anthrocon 2016 Masquerade and at the performance was nominated and accepted by the audience into Masquerade Staff.

He is now a full time solo streamer, and convention performer.

Other interests[edit]

Outside of work, Alkali spends a lot of time running Dungeons & Dragons sessions, and NERO (a Live Action Role Playing game based out of Chicago).[4] When he gets the chance, he can be found doing random productions with his improv/stage team, "Content Removed". He is also known for running one of the greatest Lupus in Tabula game session at Midwest Fur Fest along with other conventions.


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