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FurF (Furry Forum) was a resource community dedicated to furry enthusiasts from all over the world.


FurF was founded in July 2006 by Raghnall, after realizing that the furry community needed a more laid back approach to a community forum. Along with fellow furries Tasimmet, Fallen, and SheWolf, they worked hard to get the new board up and functional; the forum was born and grew rapidly as more and more furries learned about it and decided to stay.

Once the board started to gain popularity and grow, moderator Kiba Haruka was brought onto the staffing team to help out with daily tasks. The idea of fundraising to help needy furries along their path to attain their dreams, SheWolf stepped up to the plate after watching various attempts at this fall flat elsewhere, and started FurF's very first fundraiser, Bring Spike Home, a fundraiser to help a fellow fur who's dream is to relocate and live in Canada permanently. Members have been donating to help attain this dream through their generosity of funds.

Many furs have made generous donations to this cause, leading up to the creation by Raghnall of FurF own PayPal account in which to safely keep the funds until it is time to dispense funding.

Originally based out of Burnaby, British Columbia, it caters to many furries from the lower mainland and the interior of British Columbia as well as Alberta, South Africa, USA, and the United Kingdom.

The site and its resources[edit]

The website is picking up steadily as it gains popularity as a fun place for furries to hang out, do some Role-playing, and meet other people. It also boasts a monthly fur-based newsletter through its affiliate gaming website, the Reset Button, which has up to date information on upcoming furry events, editorial, comic strips, and things of interests to members who wish to receive it.

The forum also hold various contests and fundraisers for the members to participate in, and is open to anyone interested in the furry fandom, new or old.

The forum also has a separate store for those who wish to purchase various items with the FurF logo.

The one thing that sets this forum apart from the others is member input. The staff works closely with the members and everyone has input on things that might help make the forum a better place for everyone.