Falco Lombardi

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Falco Lombardi in Star Fox: Assault.
Falco Lombardi
Gender Male
Age 28
Height 6 feet
Weight 169 Pounds
Homeworld Corneria
Feather color Blue
Eye color Blue

Falco Lombardi is an anthro falcon from the Star Fox games. He is the hot headed ace pilot of the Star Fox team. He appears in Star Fox, Star Fox 2, Star Fox 64, and Star Fox: Assault as well as appearing in Super Smash Bros Melee as an unlockable character.

Star Fox History[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Falco Lombardi (ファルコ・ランバルディ Faruko Ranbarudi) was part of a gang called the Hot Rodders some time before he met Fox McCloud- later, he joined the Star Fox team, becoming one of Fox's most valued friends, though the two exhibit tense moments when skill comes into question. He tends to be something of a braggart, and now and again will go out of his way to outdo Fox in terms of flying skill, believing himself to be the superior pilot- to some degree, this will sometimes land him in a spot of trouble that has Fox saving him instead, much to Falco's irritation. Much like Fox and Wolf, Falco has an undetermined rivalry with Star Wolf member Leon Powalski.

Sometime between Star Fox 64 and Dinosaur Planet, Falco leaves the team to become a freelance pilot- reasons for this are cited in comics that reference his relationship with Katt Monroe coming to an end after he blows her off and she finds another feline to be with. It is for this reason why he was absent for the majority of Star Fox Adventures, though he agrees to become a member of the team after these events. Displaying stats in multiplayer as the best pilot among them besides perhaps Wolf, he shows considerable skill as a pilot throughout the game's series. As time goes by after the events of Star Fox Command, the team disbands, with Falco always keeping an ear out for Fox should he need help- one non-canonical ending has him develop his own team, named Star Falcon, with Katt Monroe and Dash Bowman as members, and friendly rivals to Star Fox.


Outside of the game series, Falco is sometimes, whether comically or seriously, is considered in love with Katt Monroe.we can all see how he hangs out with Katt. One notable joke about this relationship was in a particularly memorable strip of VG Cats.