Star Fox: Assault

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Star Fox: Assault is an action-shooter hybrid video game for the Nintendo GameCube in 2005 and is the fourth released title in the Star Fox series.

The team[edit]

Peppy motions to R.O.B. to hold his controller

Peppy is also seen in the game, however it is suggested that he has retired from space combat and basically gives advice to Fox from the carrier ship "Great Fox".

R.O.B., named after the original NES system accessory, is the droid on the ship whose general purpose is unclear.

The developers[edit]

The four flight crew members are part of the continuing storyline behind Nintendo's popular Star Fox series. It was published by Nintendo and developed with Namco. Released on February 15th, 2005, the game was a tool of sorts to bring back some of its fans from the disappointment of Star Fox: Adventures.

New gameplay[edit]

Fox has three modes of combat not available in previous episodes:

  • Air/Space combat in the Arwing
  • Ground combat in the new Landmaster
  • First person close quarters combat

Star Fox: Assault gives the player the choice to play solo, or the option to play cooperatly with three other players.

Basic storyline[edit]

The Lylat system is under attack from the Aparoids; a cyborg-like creature that assimilates living organisms into its collective. The collective mind is operated by a hive queen from the Aparoid homeworld. Most critics say that the villain and storyline are a direct ripoff from the Star Trek race known as the Borg, who also were cyborg creatures that assimilated and destroyed under the command of the Borg queen.

In short, help Fox and the team defend the system, defeat the Aparoids in the area, travel to the homeworld of the Aparoids, and kill the Aparoid queen.

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