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The jackal - mascot of the Daily Eurofurence drawn by Akeyla

The Daily Eurofurence is a printed daily newsletter that is distributed for free at Eurofurence. It was introduced at Eurofurence 15 in 2009, when five issues appeared. Its format is one double sided A4 page, printed in full color.

While the newsletter contains official announcements by Eurofurence staff and hotel management and timetable information, most of the space is taken up by articles and reports. Many of those are dedicated to recent and upcoming events such as concerts and stage shows. Additionally, there are interviews and articles concerned with broader topics touching Eurofurence or the Furry Fandom. The 2009 edition also featured the serialized short story Starlit Encounter by Bariki and cartoons by Pegla.

While part of the Eurofurence staff, the news team enjoys a degree of independence from its decision makers. The writers define their role as critical and journalistic and are ready to publish opinions that deviate from the official stance.

Technical Details[edit]

The Daily Eurofurence is created using solely open-source software. All layouting work is done in Scribus, a free desktop publishing solution. The main typeface is Linux Libertine, available under the GPL and OFL licences.

Staff (2010)[edit]

  • Editor: Luxen
  • Layouter: Ice-wolf
  • Writers: Bariki (2009,2011), Curry, hHP, VulpesRex
  • Photographers: Tambako (2009), Angus, Tekumseh
  • Cartoonist: Pegla

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