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Bariki's zebra fursona 'Raffa' with one of his horses (by Brushfire).

Bariki, (born November 1982) also known by his zebra character's name Raffa, is a British-born furry who has been a part of the furry fandom since 1999. Bariki now lives permanently in the San Francisco Bay Area, California in the United States following his emigration in 2015 to be with his husband, Trigger. Bariki is a career software engineer and currently works for a large US tech company in Silicon Valley.


Bariki's fursona was for many years a silver anthropomorphic horse. However, he has become better associated with his fursuit Raffa's zebra identity since acquiring him in 2009. In 2016 he acquired another fursuit from the 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom (Princess Luna).

Fandom involvement[edit]

Bariki's zebra fursuit 'Raffa', photo by TigerTom
Bariki's wolf fursuit 'SpookWolf'
Bariki's 'Princess Luna' fursuit


Bariki's involvement with LondonFurs, a tri-weekly furry meetup in Central London, began in 2008 as an attendee. He joined the organizing committee in 2010[1]. He was one of the founding directors of the non-profit company, LondonFurs Management Ltd (LFM Ltd), that was formed in 2012 to formalize community fundraising, provide liability insurance[2] for the group's public events (specifically for the fursuit walk, which had been halted because of liability issues) and to organize the hugely popular LondonFurs summer and winter parties.

In 2013, Bariki became chairman of the board of directors for LFM Ltd[3]. He held this position until his relocation to the United States in late 2015. He remained a director of LFM Ltd until August 2016.


Bariki owns three fursuits with another on commission:

  1. SpookWolf, a white wolf partial by Exdra bought in 2008.
  2. Raffa, a zebra fullsuit with digitigrade legs build by Ravell commissioned in 2009.
  3. Princess Luna, by Atalon_Deer purchased in 2016.
  4. Raffa V2, a replacement for his original zebra suit, commissioned by BN Creations. Due 2020.

SpookWolf's first appearance was at Eurofurence 14 - Raffa's was at ConFuzzled 2009 - Princess Luna's was at MFF 2016.


Bariki has attended a number of furry conventions around the world, including AnthroCon, BLFC, CaliFur, Confuzzled, Eurofurence, Further Confusion, Galactic_Camp, Texas Furry Fiesta, Furry Connection North, Midwest Furfest, PAWCon, and RBW. His first convention was Further Confusion 2008 in San José, California.

He has staffed a number of conventions over the years in a variety of roles.

Current Staff

Former Staff



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