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Pegla (born January 22, 1979)[1] is an artist, fursuiter, and founder of the website and co-founder of Cytag. He is an anthropomorphic cartoon skunk. The name means flat-iron (for clothes) in Serbian. Pegla was, in his early years in the fandom, known as SimbaIII due to his affinity with everything that has to do with The Lion King.


In 2002, he founded which took over the function of the declining The original intention was to become a full portal for Dutch Furries but these days the website is a frontend of many hosted websites and domains and its main feature is a news ticker, the servers are being provided by


Pegla has attended the following furry conventions:


Ever since Eurofurence 4 Pegla attended Eurofurence whenever he could. Since Eurofurence 7 he has been active as the Deputy Head of security' with the exception of Eurofurence 13 which he could not attend to due to 'work related reasons'. Since Eurofurence 15 he is active in the Artshow-team and as the artist for the cartoons in the Daily Eurofurence


Pegla hosted two Dutch Conventions, known as TreeCon Zero and TreeCon 2. The conventions where held in Hotel Triton in Zandvoort, the Netherlands.


Pegla has been an artist since the early years of his life. His media are conventional, digital and 3D media. Between 2004 and 2007 much of his work could be seen on national television in various countries in Europe. This was also one of the main reasons he did not produce much 'furry' artwork in that time period.


Pegla's fursuit character is Thabo a meerkat with giant glasses.[2][3] Thabo was built by Jill0r.


Pegla's favorite pastimes include seeing friends, watching movies and playing City of Heroes as well as City of Villains, both on the US servers. He is actively involved with several 'Supergroups', namely the ASPCA, Academica Vindica, The Embassy, Dark Angel Chapter and the Zenvious Foundation.


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