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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is [adjective][species].
AdjectiveSpecies Logo.png
The furry world from the inside out
Author(s) Klisoura, Makyo, JM Horse, Zik, Kyell Gold, Phil Geusz, Quentin Julien
Launch date 2 November 2011

[adjective][species] is an organization and website comprising a blog with writings about the furry fandom, surveys related to the fandom, and visualizations of previous survey results. Contributing writers are Klisoura, Makyo, JM Horse, Zik, Kyell Gold, Phil Geusz, and Quentin Julien[1]. Associated projects include the more adult-oriented blog Love ◦ Sex ◦ Fur,[2] and the Furry Survey,[3] the latter of which was previously run by Klisoura.

Love ◦ Sex ◦ Fur[edit]

Love ◦ Sex ◦ Fur
Love and Sex in the Furry Fandom
Author(s) Makyo
Launch date 22 June 2013
End date  ?

Love ◦ Sex ◦ Fur, or LSF, was a blog devoted to "frank exploration of relationships, sexuality, and some of the finer points of personal interaction within the furry fandom."[2] Sometime before April 4, 2018, the website went down.


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