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Alex Osaki (born 6 August, 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland), more commonly known in the fandom as "Klisoura", is a writer, photographer, and amateur sociologist who currently resides in Aurora, Colorado, near Denver. With friends Vulpecula and Ebon Scaled, he administers the FurIRC IRC system. He is a writer for [adjective][species].

The man[edit]

Alex Osaki is a furry anthropologist, sociologist and writer. Despite being born in Maryland and growing up in Japan, he has lived in Colorado most of his life, and currently lives near Denver, where he works as a writer. Inside the fandom, he is an author as well, having written many highly-praised works, including the novella Sympathy for the Devil. Although he is no longer active in the community there, his work was originally first posted at furry writing archive Yiffstar, and since 2004 has run an IRC chatroom derived from that website.

Beyond writing, his primary focus within the fandom is an academic one. He holds a degree in anthropology with a focus on culture and gender studies and has attempted to bring a more scientific angle to the study of furriness. Since 2002, he has sporadically worked on researching the furry fandom, and is behind a longterm surveying effort, entitled the Furry Survey. A general demographic survey, it has garnered several thousand responses in each of the two successive years it has been run since its relaunch in 2007.

The avatar[edit]

Klisoura is a young Colorado archaeologist, a writer, and a curmudgeonly moderate conservative academic. He is a border collie.

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