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Shiro Themian Ulv (born Matthew Joseph Schimmel[1] on June 18, 1994)[2] is a therian who lives in Brunswick, Georgia, USA.[2] His theriotypes are a black wolf and a red fox.[2]


From a young age, Shiro felt that he was "not human" on the inside.[2] After watching the anime series Wolf's Rain at age twelve, he gained a fascination with wolves in general, and, as he read more about them and began to understand then, he began feeling as if he was "a wolf in a human body".[2]

Due to his young age, naivety, and complete admiration for "Kiba" from Wolf's Rain, Shiro strongly believed he was an "arctic wolf in a human body".[2] He expressed this feelings to some of his friends, who either rejected the idea completely, or labeled it as "furry". Shiro experienced "cameo dream-shifts and phantom-shifts into the form of a arctic wolf",[2] but, after further introspection, realized that he was a black wolf therian.

Online communities[edit]

Shiro first entered the online therian community through the now-defunct WereNet. He "didn't find them to be the friendliest bunch",[2] and ended up migrating to Werelist where he eventually became a docent staff member. Eventually, Werelist began to remind him of the old WereNet, and became inactive. In October, 2011, Shiro founded the Wulf Howl otherkin community and, shortly after, resigned as staff on Werelist. In November 2014, Wulf Howl was closed due to unknown circumstances. Shiro founded Kinmunity in December 2014.

Television appearance[edit]

In April, 2013, Shiro featured on Logo TV's documentary What?!: I think I'm an Animal.[1] Part of the documentary showed Shiro, having turned eighteen, changing his legal name from Matthew Schimmel to Shiro Themian Ulv.[3][4]


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