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Zwoulfe (also known as Zay, lived March 28, 1978 - May 24, 2005) was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1978. He was an artist who created traditional colored pencil art as well as digital art.

Zwoulfe's fursona was a male tiger-wolf hybrid, with the body of wolf and stripes of a tiger. He also owned a fursuit of his character that he created himself.

Zwoulfe became friends with Keokawa online; the two met in read life at MegaPlex and became mates soon after. On March 27th, 2003 Zwoulfe moved from Toledo, Ohio to Riverside, Florida, to live with Keo.[1]

Zwoulfe died in his home in Riverside, Florida on May 24, 2005, from complication of asthma and flu like symptoms that eventually lead to a heart attack. [2] He was laid to rest in Toledo at his parents' request. Zwoulfe was only 27 when he died.


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