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Wolfery logo.png
Author(s) Accipiter Nisus
Status Active
Launch date c. 2021
Genre Text-based roleplay website
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Wolfery is a MUCK-like text-based roleplay website using the Mucklet platform.

The game is situated in The Rift, formed from the convergence of fragments from other realities. At its heart lies the central town of Sinder, characterized by a contemporary theme, and serves as the first destination for players upon entering The Rift.[1] Players are able to create their own rooms and areas, with the ability to request their integration into the main world.[2]


The wolfery.com domain name was registered by in January 2013. In approximately 2016 the domain was used by Accipiter for a prototype web-based game engine, though the project was later dropped when the code structure grew too complex and error-prone. After 5 years of additional experience and creating Resgate.io, Accipiter made another attempt at creating Wolfery using the Resgate.io gateway.[3]

In November 2022, the Mucklet client was open-sourced and released on GitHub.[4]


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