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Samuel Jirenius, also known as Accipiter, was a furry artist in the late 90s. They now own and run the furry roleplaying site Wolfery which is backed by Resgate which they founded.

Samuel Jirénius is a Swedish software developer and entrepreneur, best known as the founder of, an open-source Realtime API Gateway that simplifies the process of creating scalable and secure real-time APIs.

Samuel Jirénius was born in Sweden and grew up in a family of engineers. He studied computer science at the University of Lund and later started his career as a software developer at various startups and technology companies. He has several years of experience in building distributed systems and real-time APIs.

In 2018, Samuel founded with the aim of creating a platform that simplifies the process of building real-time applications. is built on the principles of simplicity, scalability, and security, and allows developers to easily create real-time APIs with minimal coding. The platform has gained popularity among developers, and has a growing community of users and contributors.

In addition to his work at, Samuel is also a speaker and has given talks at various tech conferences and events. He is passionate about open-source software, distributed systems, and real-time applications, and is constantly exploring new ways to improve the developer experience.

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